Hexagonal Beam by K4KIO
Building the G3TXQ Broad Band Hexagonal Beam
Buy or build a hex beam
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Six Steps to build it
Step 1 The Base Plate
Step 3 The Center post
Step 2 The Spreaders
                                                   1 Base plate        2 Spreaders        3 Center post        4 Wire Sets        5 Support Cords        6 Assembly        
Step 5 The Support Cords
Step 4 The Wire Sets
The electrical design of this hexagonal beam is the same as the beam featured in the March 2009 QST article by the author. However, the mechanical details here
differ somewhat and are an improvement, in my opinion, over the mechanical design in the QST article. The guidelines here are for a six band hexagonal beam.
However, if only three bands are desired or five bands, the same specifications apply for the bands you want to equip. The cost for materials for this beam are
around $300 retail and sources for some key parts are on line while most of the small parts are obtainable from Home Depot or Lowes.

The approach in this site is to explain five steps for building the components shown below and then Step 6 outlines how they are all assembled into a hexbeam.
Step 6 Assembly