• The baseplate is made of a 12 inch square type 6061 T6 aluminum plate that is 3/16 inch thick. This
    particular type aluminum is harder than pure aluminum and less likely to bend while being resistant
    to weather. U-bolts attach the spreaders to the baseplate.

  • Two square base floor flanges normally used for handrails are used to mount the center post to the
    base plate. One is on the top for mounting the center post and the other is on the bottom for insertion
    of the mast. These flanges are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy.

  • Stainless steel hardware can be used to minimize corrosion especially in saltwater environments
    although it is more expensive. Lock washers should be used; otherwise movement of the hexbeam by
    wind and rotation will eventually work the fixtures loose.
Hexagonal Beam by K4KIO
Building the G3TXQ Broad Band Hexagonal Beam
Buy or build a hex beam
Six Steps to build it - The Base plate
The plate can be cut with a
hacksaw by hand or by a
reciprocating saw with a metal
cutting blade. A piece of
board and clamp are used to
hold it all steady for cutting.
Measuring and marking the
hexagon. Click for details on
how to do this.
A metal hole saw and a hand
operated drill can be used to
cut out the center hole.
If two
flanges are used as
recommended here, the center
hole is not needed and should
not be drilled.
The holes for the U bolts are
carefully cut where the lines
have been measured.
The center post will fit snugly
into this floor flange. Put one
on the top and bottom of the
base plate for greatest strength.
See why here.
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                                                1 Base plate        2 Spreaders        3 Center post        4 Wire Sets        5 Support Cords        6 Assembly        
Don't want to cut and drill and chase down all these parts? Buy the plate already cut and drilled with two flanges and all hardware, and stainless steel at that.
Your cost for parts and shipping will be close to this if you go ahead and built it yourself so why bother?
See the details.