Click the photo to see how to buy or build  this hexagonal beam
I hold an extra class amateur radio license issued by the FCC with the call
sign K4KIO. This entitles me to operate a radio transmitter on a variety of
frequency bands using several modes of transmission for the purpose of
experimentation, personal enjoyment and public service. This license was first
issued in 1956 in New Haven, Kentucky and later lapsed for inactivity until year
2000 when I was re-licensed following a qualification test of radio and
electronic theory and use of morse code. Click here for a short article on the
early days of K4KIO in New Haven, Kentucky

My main interests in this hobby are making as many contacts with foreign
countries and distant points as possible using single sideband and morse
code. I also experiment with different antennas and have spent a considerable
amount of time in the construction of a multi-band, directional wire beam
antenna called a hexagonal beam. I have documented the
construction steps
to build such an antenna here on this web site and regularly exchange e-mail
with other amateurs on this subject. The transmitter and receiver equipment
for the station which I own and operate is shown to the right. The hexagonal
beam which I built is also shown above.

The card above is used to mail to other amateur stations with whom I make
radio contact to confirm that such a communications took place. Many
amateurs enjoy collecting such cards and various awards are granted by the
American Radio Relay League based on the collection of such cards from all
50 states, 100 countries and so forth.